1996 Studio Baseball Cards

I know what you're thinking, why is the Silver Press Proof shown last? It should be third in this run if this batch is organized by metallic rarity and value. Yes, that's true but in this instance, the Silver Press Proof is the rarest of them all.

1996 Studio Baseball Cards

1996 Studio Baseball Cards

1996 Studio was and still is, among some, one of the great classics of the 1990s. This set was released right around the prime time of when companies were utilizing lots of interesting technologies spread across a slew of interesting parallel sets. Things were really heating up in 1996.

With excellent fade-out headshots with action shot overlays and professional placement of the nameplate and brand logo, this product was sure to please collectors on point of aesthetic alone. It's just a really nice design!

This set features 3 unique parallels per base card for a total of 4 different cards for any single player in the set. Shown are examples of each of the 4 different cards you could find featuring your player.

  • Base: (Left) These are the standard base cards that make up the set and most, if not all, of the contents in most packs. It features flat silver foil on the front.
  • Bronze Press Proof: (Left Middle) These carry a stated print run of 2000 and parallel the base set with holo-bronze foil on the front.
  • Gold Press Proof: (Right Middle) These carry a stated print run of 500 and parallel the base set with holo-gold foil on the front. Insertion ratio: 1:24.
  • Silver Press Proof: (Right) These carry a stated print run of 100 and parallel the base set with holo-silver foil on the front. These were available exclusively in retail magazine packs.

1993 Studio BaseballFor the longest time, the Silver Press Proof was on my Top 5 Most Wanted checklist. I can remember back in summer of 2008 asking around and around if anyone had or knew anyone that had this card. One guy facetiously replied, "Sure, how many you want?" I immediately knew he was kidding but in an enticing way I can still remember thinking how impressive it would be to have two of these. Well, wouldn't you know it, over time, I did in fact acquire not one but two of these ultra rare Silver Press Proof parallels featuring my guy, Frank Thomas. Of course, I didn't find them at the same time. These acquisitions occurred over the course of a few years. A graded copy surfaced after I had already secured my raw example and the price was so right at the time, I really couldn't let it get away.

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