The Unstoppable Growth of Fantasy Sports [Infographic]

Fantasy sports have changed the way fans experience the game. They can now enjoy the potential for monetary gain while studying player performance throughout the year. With modest entry fees, superfans can put their knowledge to the test with trades and other team adjustments to make them feel like they have control over their teams. Due to the popularity of fantasy sports, winning payouts can be quite high, up to $2 billion.

The folks at made this cumulative infographic on the growth of fantasy sports. The infographic is packed with interesting facts about the history of fantasy sports, which includes characteristics and factors such as: timeline, demographics, trends, daily stats, impact on business, device ratios, legal implications, and lots of other tidbits to keep you entertained as you scroll through. This infographic is an excellent source of information on fantasy sports. Have a look.

The Unstoppable Growth of Fantasy Sports [Infographic]
The Unstoppable Growth of Fantasy Sports [Infographic] | Source:

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