Jimmy Clausen 2010 Finest Moments #FMA-JC Autographs Superfractor

Jimmy Clausen 2010 Finest Moments Autographs #FMA-JC Superfractor /1
Jimmy Clausen 2010 Finest Moments Autographs #FMA-JC Superfractor /1

Hey, Jimmy. Whatya been up to?

Shown here is the 2010 Finest Moments Autographs Superfractor Jimmy Clausen rookie card. It was acquired years after Cam Newton took his place as QB for the Carolina Panthers in 2011. That said, the cost on this card, while once was likely and very easily in the four figures, was purchased for less than the cost of your typical date night.

I bought this card raw in October, 2013 and thought it would look really nice in a BGS case, which it does. I was excited to learn about its grading marks when it was returned to me in November of that same year. What works really well here is that the colors of the card complement the colors of the flip pieces. Bottom line, this card looks great in a BGS case.

I can remember three key football prospects that came onto the scene in the summer of 2010: Colt McCoy, Tim Tebow, and Jimmy Clausen. These were the three promising, and highly talented young fellas that were fresh on the block. Each of these guys has experienced rich success in the college market but none of them have been able to translate that talent to the professional level. This is, of course, understandable given the pro level is made up of entire leagues of guys that had highly successful college playing careers.

What I can say is that, regardless of what’s happened, this card reminds me of a summer of rich memories. Even if the NFL never benefits from the full potential of guys like Jimmy Clausen, it doesn’t matter. There will always be more guys in line. Collecting sports cards doesn’t always have to mean getting the best cards of the best players. I bought this card knowing full well that the ROI would be slim to none should I ever decide to sell it but I’m not in it to sell it. I’m in it to remember a different time. I love this card and appreciate the story behind it.

I can’t imagine these superfractors are easy pulls but if you’re in the market and would like to bust some wax from an excellent summer, try a box of 2010 Finest Football.

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