2010 Exquisite Collection Football Cards

Jimmy Clausen 2010 Exquisite Collection #106 Rookie Silver Holofoil /10
Jimmy Clausen 2010 Exquisite Collection #106 Rookie Silver Holofoil /10

Jimmy Clausen was a part of my 2010. I can remember when some of the products came out that year, he was one of the three big rookies. It was an excellent time to collect and I had fun promoting these guys when new products were launched at the card shop I was then managing. The fond memories are rich.

It would be another three years before I’d buy a Jimmy Clausen card and when I did, he was all of a memory to collectors. That said, my first card was a monster that had been tamed. Since then, I’ve acquired other cards I just plain like. The depicted card, if pulled in 2010, would’ve been one of Jimmy Clausen’s biggest cards. In the current state, it still remains a big card but that doesn’t mean it’s valuable.

This is something to keep in mind when collecting: Card significance doesn’t always mean high value. Printing plates of utility players are the perfect example. Their existence is significance in that they’re all 1/1s and were made so that the associated cards could be printed. Same deal with cards of players who’s professional careers were relatively unproductive, short, and in the distant past. For collectors like myself, I actually really like cards like this because it allows me to enjoy quality without dealing with severe competition from prospectors.

This Jimmy Clausen 2010 Exquisite Collection Rookie Silver Holofoil /10 is such a beautiful specimen. I really like the color combination, holofoil, silver ink autograph, and player photo. It’s just a really appealing card. Upper Deck did such a great job with Exquisite and I’m excited to have this card in the collection.

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Set Information:

Important Date(s)
March 31, 2010Release Date
March 17, 2013Exchange Deadline
2010 Exquisite Collection

2010 Exquisite Collection is a 190-card set with tons of inserts. It’s a high-end product that was issued 7 cards per pack and 1 pack per box with an SRP of $400-500 per pack. As with other Exquisite releases, the 2010 issue is of supreme quality. It’s an excellent option for deep pocket collectors. There are 31 unique sets in 2010 Exquisite Collection and print runs range from 1-120 across the board so there’s plenty to keep things interesting.

SetTotal CardsPrint Run(s)Odds
Autobiography Jersey Signatures2820-99
Autographed Jersey Triples1010
Bio Script Signatures175-20
Draft Picks3099
Draft Picks Bronze3025
Ensemble 2 Signatures1610-25
Ensemble 3 Signatures115-10
Ensemble 4 Signatures53-5
Legacy Signatures185-20
NCAA All-Time Defense Autographs1310-20
NCAA All-Time Offense Autographs175-20
Patch Combos1650
Patch Trios1425
Patch Quads1315
Platinum Patch3335-75
Rare Materials6030-60
Rare Materials Gold603-10
Retro Rookie Patch Autographs95
Retro Rookie Patch Autographs Gold93
Retro Rookie Patch Autographs Spectrum91
Rookie Bookmark Patch Autographs2450-99
Rookie Silver Holofoil3310
Signature Jersey3510-99
Signature Jersey Dual155-25
Signature Nameplates365
Single Player Dual Patch1225
Single Player Triple Patch1950-75
2010 Exquisite Collection

To see what’s currently on eBay from 2010 Exquisite Collection, click here.

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