Hulk Hogan, 1933 Cubs Scorecard, Muhammad Ali, and Mickey Mantle’s Last HR

Hulk Hogan 1981 Wrestling Superstars AU | Source:

Hulk Hogan 1981 Wrestling Superstars Signed | Source:

By the time Hulk Hogan appeared on what is generally accepted as his rookie card in the 1982 Wrestling All Stars set, he was already a household name. In just a year prior, he had already appeared on a number of key wrestling publications and had made a name for himself in the sport many of us have come to associate with muscles and spandex. In Hogan's case, a gnarled blondy growls and tears off his shirt in an effort to fire up the crowd. Hogan was definitely a pivotal showman and one of the sports most well-known figures. From his professional wrestling tenure, to his brief stint with reality television, Hogan's legacy has and will continue to live on as one of the most recognizable faces in athletic history. This 1981 Wrestling Superstars example depicts a young Hogan and features a beautiful red signature from the master himself. It predates his more common 1982 card and as such is scarcer in comparison. For the wrestling collector, this is one of those "gotta have it" moments.

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1933 Chicago Cubs Scorecard - Signed by: Kiki Cuyler, Honus Wagner, and Lon Warneke | Source:

1933 Chicago Cubs Scorecard - Signed by: Kiki Cuyler, Honus Wagner, and Lon Warneke | Source:

Vintage scorecards present a degree of intrigue that makes them highly collectible. Due to the lack of collectibility upon initial release, many of these made their way into garbage cans instead of cherished collections. In this way, what's currently available in the market from The Great Depression years is seldom seen. People had more important issues to deal with than saving keepsakes from sporting events. What makes this 1933 Chicago Cubs Scorecard so impressive is not only that it even exists at all but that it's signed by three star players, two of which are Hall of Famers - Kiki Cuyler, Lon Warneke, and the great Johannes Peter Wagner a.k.a Honus Wagner.

While this particular example is stained in multiple locations and shows significant signs of wear, its colors still remain magnificently bright and vibrant. Regardless of how advanced a collection may be, this stunning piece of sports memorabilia is sure to drop jaws in any circle. It's a beautiful item and one that deserves to be appreciated.

This item has been authenticated by PSA and is offered by Huggins & Scott Auctions. Click here to see the listing.

Muhammad Ali endorsed Unused Shaving Gel & Cream Signed: Circa late-1980s | Source:

Muhammad Ali Endorsed & Unused Shaving Gel & Cream Signed: Circa late-1980s | Source:

Everyone knows the legend. The colossal personality of Muhammad Ali was equally matched to his greatness. He was one of all of sports greatest athletes; he was a champion in every sense of the status. As such, he was highly desired for a myriad of marketing opportunities during his prime and beyond. Since forever, celebrities have been hired to promote brands to build brand exposure, strengthen brand images, and drive bottom lines. When done right, these partnerships can often lead to excellent returns both for the brand and the celebrity. In this case, Ali enjoyed a handsome headshot on a common staple item found in bathroom cabinets across the country, if not the world.

Shown here is a pair of unused shaving items, a gel and a cream, which is signed by the legend himself. This is an unusual but highly interesting item. I can't even imagine how rare an occasion it is to find unused toiletries from this era in any form, condition, or size. This one, while significant in its own right with the depiction and signature of the boxing champion, is exceptionally rare in that it's still fully intact and in what appears to be Like New condition. For the boxing memorabilia collector, this pair is sure to stimulate interesting conversations.

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Mickey Mantle Final HR of Career Ticket Stub | Source:

Mickey Mantle Final Career HR Ticket Stub | Source:

There's an upper echelon of sports memorabilia that draws significant attention due to notable intrigue associated with key events in sports history. This is one of those examples. Mickey Mantle dominated the 1950s and 1960s as the key player on the immensely talented New York Yankees roster. His legacy is forever cemented into baseball history and his name recognition is as rich as his hobby collectibility. He is remembered as a hero, a legend, one of the greatest players in all of baseball. The ticket shown here is that which granted one lucky attendee the chance to witness something many may consider a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, the chance to see Mickey Mantle's final career home run.

Ticket stubs from this era were rarely saved and this one presents as a true treasure. It features the Yankees logo, and the typical wear marks commonly found on used tickets. It's an excellent gem and one that would fit nicely into any Mantle, Yankees, or sports memorabilia collection. This special ticket stub will bring the quality of a collection into another level. Enjoy this magnificent piece of baseball history; you never know when you'll see another.

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