Dallas Card Show Review | December 9-11, 2022 | Ep. 313

The Dallas Card Show finishes out the calendar year with a show at the Arlington Convention Center. I got there at around 11:50a and stayed until about 4:30. In that time, I covered the whole show and found some excellent pieces. It was pretty rainy that day so I had to run to my car from the convention hall but not before covering my buys with a plastic show bag and storing said bag in my backpack before walking out to be sure things didn’t get wet. Covered here are some minor but fun pickups from this show.


Dallas Card Show Pickups
Dallas Card Show Pickups

All this for just $2.30. Here’s how it all happened.

1983 Topps League Leaders. The 1983 Topps Dave Kingman and Al Oliver cards were found in a $0.10 bin. I normally wouldn’t bother with cards featuring these two guys (although I do have some ’72T Kigman RCs in the collection), I grabbed these because I noticed they were blank backs and possess stat boxes in the upper left-hand corners. The were actually hand cut from a mail-in league leaders sheet containing 8 unique cards some of which of hall of famers. Since I hadn’t come across these before, I figured they’d make fine additions. Price paid for both: $0.20.

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Greg Maddux 2000 Private Stock #12 Silver Portraits /199. While digging through the same $0.10 bin, I came across this card, which is great since it’s a rare parallel of one of my favorite pitchers. This box was loaded with good stuff so I combed through the whole thing. While I pulled out a brick of cards, this card was the highlight. Price paid: $0.10.

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Cam Newton 2018 Donruss ’98 Tribute #1998-15 Holo /100. This is my first Cam Newton card. I like that it’s a modern take on the 1998 baseball design. I was surprised to see a parallel like this in the $1 bin but it is a veteran card. The aesthetics of this card are something special. As soon as I saw it, I added it to the pile without hesitation. I can remember Cam’s hype when he took over Jimmy Clausens spot as QB for the Carolina Panthers back in 2011. Price paid: $1.

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Mike Piazza 1996 SPx #MP1 Tribute. In 1996, I opened one pack of 1996 SPx and was pretty happy to pull a Mo Vaughn. I can also remember learning about the Mike Piazza Tribute card but it would be many years before I ever saw one in person. There’s also an autographed version, which seemed so out of reach for most of us back then. These days I occasionally see this 1996 SPx Mike Piazza Tribute card but rarely do I ever see the AU version. While the hype has long passed, it’s still a popular card with collectors who still pay attention to this stuff. Since I’ve always been a fan of Mike Piazza, I was happy to find this card at the show. Price paid: $1.

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In Conclusion:

The December 9-11, 2022 installment of the Dallas Card Show represents the last one of the year. With this show in the books, 2022 is closed out in fine style. It was a great year for card shows. I had a lots of fun and picked up tons of great pieces. From what I’ve heard, the Arlington Convention Center is due for renovation, which means this version of the Dallas Card Show will likely find a different location for 2023. If it’s closer to the Allen venue, that would mean I may be able to attend more than just Saturday of the smaller show. While I can conveniently cover the entire show in a single day, going back for an additional day to hang out with dealers is something I value. We’ll see what happens. Either way, I’ll be there.

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