Dallas Card Show Review | August 7-8, 2021 | Ep. 277

Bargain Bin Cherries:

I got a late start to my day but arrived at the convention hall at around 150p so I still had a few hours to enjoy before closeout. As soon as I arrived, I found a seller who had some really nice binders full of 1980s stuff. So I just dug around and pulled for awhile. When I was done, I had to find some penny sleeves for all this stuff before negotiations began. The point here was to minimize the amount of raw handling in an effort to preserve card conditions the best I could.

Note for future shows: Bring a couple packs of penny sleeves for unexpected raw-card purchases.

So I pulled my stash, asked the seller to hold them behind the counter while I walked around in search of penny sleeves. I quickly found a 4-pack, bought it, and came right back to my stash. I then stood there and sleeved for about 20 minutes or so. The stack was quite a bit bigger than what you see here, about twice as much in fact. While I hoped the seller and I could agree on a price for everything, I accepted that the deal would likely be partial and I also let myself be okay with leaving my sleeves on the stuff I didn’t purchase. I just consider this the cost of doing business and I’d feel better knowing those cards are protected for the next buyer, or myself at a later time. This was my gift to the seller and quite frankly I didn’t think it’d be a good use of my limited time to sit there and de-sleeve 125+ cards. So I paid for what you see here and moved on. Note, however, that about 8 cards shown here were found in a $0.10-bin from another booth on the way out but threw them in this pic for good measure since it’s all pretty much the same stuff.

Dallas Card Show | Pickups
Dallas Card Show | Pickups


These are my show highlights. It’s all very cheap stuff. I purchased a copy of that Mike Piazza 1995 Fleer Update Soaring Stars at a show just like this one some 25 years ago. The rest of these items are just era classics. I still can’t believe my joke offer of $5 for this Reggie Jackson 1970 Topps SGC3 was accepted without hesitation. Dear seller, thanks!

Dallas Card Show | Highlights
Dallas Card Show | Highlights


Here’s a closeup of the Reggie Jackson and the amount I paid for it. Apparently, Monopoly money’s the new currency. It’s a good thing I always keep a few of the larger bills on hand.

Dallas Card Show | Graded
Dallas Card Show | Graded

To see what’s currently on eBay from 1970 Topps, click here.

In Conclusion:

Some things remind us of our childhood and some things take us right back to it as if it never ended. The robust nostalgia shows like this produces is nearly emotional. It’s like walking back in time to when I was 14 years old. With the hotel ballroom environment and the tables just outside the show hall, which are excellent venues for reviewing pickups and talking cards with friends, it really is a living memory. It’s a perfect feeling in every way.

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