Darnell Hillman 1975-76 Topps #290

Darnell Hillman 1975-76 Topps Basketball #290
Darnell Hillman 1975-76 Topps Basketball #290

Card of the Week:

Darnell Hillman 1975-76 Topps #290

5 reasons why this card is amazing:

  1. When did they quite using multi-color basketballs in the NBA? This one is somewhat Trotterish from the Globe of Harlem.
  2. Hi, I’d like some shorts with my legs please, thanks;
  3. With a facial expression like that, you can tell that he feels pretty self-conscious about his ultra revealing gym shorts, which I think is why he’s trying to cover up; poor guy.
  4. Darnell doesn’t use pillows.
  5. A classic design complete w/ green and orange stripes in the upper right corner and a shadow.

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