Mike Trout Out with Rare Back Condition

On July 12, Mike Trout left a game against the Astros due to what was then diagnosed as back spasms, which the team would later cite as rib cage inflammation. However, upon further review, his condition is actually much rarer and Trout was put on the IL a week later.

Angels team trainer, Mike Frostad, indicated Trout has a condition called, “costovertebral dysfunction at T5.”1 Dr. Robert Wakins, a leading spine surgeon, said he rarely sees this condition.

What we do know is that top baseball performance puts immense strain on the body routinely with activities like hitting, swinging, fielding, diving for balls, jumping into walls, etc. All of which can aggravate Trout’s current condition.

Trout has experienced a positive outcome from a recent cortisone shot. While this is good news, it’s unclear when Trout will return. Frostad said that this will likely be a chronic issue and as such, Trout may have to deal with it for the rest of his career.

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