Frank Thomas 2015 Beckett Covers NSCC #9 AU

Frank Thomas 2015 Beckett Covers NSCC #9 Autograph /35
Frank Thomas 2015 Beckett Covers NSCC #9 Autograph /35

This was a 2015 National Sports Collectors Convention exclusive release. To obtain one of these, you had to be one of the first people to complete a series of tasks. Here’s how it all worked:

Beckett produced 15 different sports cards depicting past Beckett covers. These 2015 NSCC Beckett Cover cards were given to booth dealers to pass out to attendees. As an attendee, you had to find the dealers that had the cover cards and collect all 15 of them. This had to be done during the show. Once complete, you could present the set to a representative at the Beckett booth and they would give you a sealed packet that contained one random autographed card from a set of 10 cards depicting players not featured in the set of cover cards given to booth dealers. Each of these autographed cards was slabbed by BGS.

Here’s the catch, you had to be one of the first 200 attendees to collect all 15 Beckett cover cards to be eligible for a random autograph packet from Beckett. And since you didn’t know which of the 10 autographed cards you were going to receive, it made the possibility of acquiring any specific one of them very difficult. That’s what makes this card significant.

I acquired this card from another attendee during day 2 of the show. I was given a balloon by one of the dealers and wrote the following on it in bold black marker, “Buying Frank Thomas Cards.” I clipped the balloon to my bag and it just floated around with me wherever I went. Marketing, that’s where I belong.

One of the fellas that received this Thomas card by way of being one of the first 200 to complete the task described found me by way of my balloon. He asked if I would be interested in buying it. That conversation didn’t last very long and this card came home with me. Thanks, balloon!

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