Frank Thomas 2002 Studio #64 Private Signings

Frank Thomas 2002 Studio #64 Private Signings /15
Frank Thomas 2002 Studio #64 Private Signings /15

I bought this 2002 Studio Private Signings Frank Thomas card on July 4th, 2014, which is coincidental considering that the theme of this card is very American. The way I bought this card was somewhat of a hassle. Here’s how it all happened:

Essentially, this card was listed a few times, each time with a lower price. I didn’t bid on this card when the price came down to something acceptable. Because I got sidetracked doing something else when the auction expired, I emailed the seller and let them know what happened and that I was still interested in the card. Keep in mind there weren’t any bidders so that should signal the seller to perform a further price adjustment to account for current demand conditions.

Well, when I reached out to the seller to inquire about the card, he had the audacity to quote a higher number than the original price with no bidders. After several email communications, we settled on a number that was ever so slightly above the original price without bids, which was ridiculous but given the rarity of this card, I went ahead and paid the extra amount. The seller kept pressing about how great of a card this is, which didn’t impress me at all since I wasn’t concerned with his opinions. I just wanted a chance at a card I didn’t have and I thought that since I indicated the reason for my not bidding originally, the seller was going to be willing to work with me. Nope; not the case here. This seller acted like a total sales jerk. I just paid and walked. I try not to deal with people like this but it does happen.

Lesson of the day, stick to your guns and keep fighting until you get what you want or something at least close to it.

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