1991 Donruss Baseball Errors Checklist

Andy Hawkins 1991 Donruss Bonus Cards #BC12A
Andy Hawkins 1991 Donruss Bonus Cards #BC12A | Source: comc.com

1991 Donruss was a pivotal set in that it introduced the hobby to the super elusive Donruss Elite set, which today still stands as a hobby favorite. Many of us spent whatever money we had on packs of 1991 Donruss in hopes of pulling one of these ultra rare cards only to be left empty handed.

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1991 Donruss also brought us a variety of subtle border design pattern variations. While not listed below, many cards in the set can be found with at least two different border patterns. They’re fun to collect but there appears to be no change in value among them. The list below depicts the errors that were later corrected in 1991 Donruss.

What’s Not Included in this Checklist:

  • Uncorrected Errors (UERs): These include minor typos on card backs and/or fronts. Since these cards were never corrected, they’re just the standard cards in the set.
  • Blank/Wrong Fronts/Backs: Examples beyond what’s stated are manufacturing scrap and weren’t issued in packs.
  • Period/No Period after INC: Card backs have the INC statement. Some feature a period after INC and some don’t. These variations are found in most Donruss/Leaf sets from the junk wax era. It’s likely these are the result of different runs approved by different groups of people in the manufacturing facility. Despite what people say, these aren’t rare; they’re likely produced in similar/same quantities. They’re also not errors but subtle variations. They’re fun to collect but values are no different between them.

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Errors Checklist:

Card #Player(s)Error
50AJose Canseco ASA’s Team Name in stat box
57AJack McDowellCareer totals don’t include 1990 stats
436AMike SciosciaWhite star by name
BC12AAndy HawkinsPitcher
1991 Donruss Errors

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