Pujols 3000 Hits, Ichiro Retirement, Ohtani, Paxton, and Harper | Ep. 178

Agenda Summary: Albert Pujols 3000 Hits milestone. Ichiro Suzuki Retirement. Shohei Ohtani Baseball Card Sales. James Paxton No-Hitter. Bryce Harper gets a field.

Guest: Ryan Daly

Full Agenda:

Albert Pujols 3000 Hits milestone

Ichiro Suzuki Retirement

  • We converse on the current state of hobby interest with Pujols and Ichiro and predictions leading up to their retirements and inevitable HOF inductions.

Shohei Ohtani Baseball Card Sales

  • Where’s the Superfractor hiding?
  • The Blowout Cards Bounty ($60k) is compared to the sale of the Red Refractor AU /5

James Paxton No-Hitter

  • 2012 BCDP Gold Refractor sells for $250 on May 8

Bryce Harper gets a little league baseball field named after him.1

  • Located in NW D.C. at the Takoma Community Center
  • Cost $300k and was financed by Bryce and The Nationals Dream Foundation

To view the current eBay auctions for Ichiro baseball cards, click here.


  1. Bryce Harper Field will be a standing symbol of youth baseball in Washington, D.C. www.talknats.com ↩︎

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