2001 Donruss Production Line Baseball Cards

2001 Donruss Production Line is a 60-card set paralleled with a die cut set. The up to 6-card run across the two versions is quite beautiful but given the small print run of the die cut parallels, it poses collecting challenges. Expect to spend some time collecting the die cut parallels of your player.


The print run for each card made reflects the player’s particular statistic from 2000: OBP, SLG, and PI (On-Base + Slugging). Each statistic is assigned to one of three card blocks: 1-20 (OBP), 21-40 (SLG), and 41-60 (PI). Also note that the first 100 cards in the base print runs are assigned to the die cuts, which means the actual print runs on the base cards are 100 less than the stated print runs.

2001 Donruss Production Line Baseball Cards
2001 Donruss Production Line Baseball Cards

Die Cuts:

Just 100 sets of the 60-card die cut set were printed, which makes them challenging to collect. The serial numbers consist of the first 100 cards in the associated print runs. It’s also important to note here that due to the design of the die cuts, they’re incredibly condition sensitive. The bottom points are susceptible to condition flaws and it’s for this reason that it’s highly recommended to store them top-side down.

2001 Donruss Production Line Die Cut Baseball Cards
2001 Donruss Production Line Die Cut Baseball Cards

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Set Information:

SetTotal CardsPrint Run(s)
Die Cuts60100
2001 Donruss Production Line


Card #PlayerStatisticBase Print RunDC Print Run
PL-1Jason GiambiOBP476100
PL-2Carlos DelgadoOBP470100
PL-3Todd HeltonOBP463100
PL-4Manny RamirezOBP457100
PL-5Barry BondsOBP440100
PL-6Gary SheffieldOBP438100
PL-7Frank ThomasOBP436100
PL-8Nomar GarciaparraOBP434100
PL-9Brian GilesOBP432100
PL-10Edgardo AlfonzoOBP425100
PL-11Jeff KentOBP424100
PL-12Jeff BagwellOBP424100
PL-13Edgar MartinezOBP423100
PL-14Alex RodriguezOBP420100
PL-15Luis CastilloOBP418100
PL-16Will ClarkOBP418100
PL-17Jorge PosadaOBP417100
PL-18Derek JeterOBP416100
PL-19Bob AbreuOBP416100
PL-20Moises AlouOBP416100
PL-21Todd HeltonSLG698100
PL-22Manny RamirezSLG697100
PL-23Barry BondsSLG688100
PL-24Carlos DelgadoSLG664100
PL-25Vladimir GuerreroSLG664100
PL-26Jason GiambiSLG647100
PL-27Gary SheffieldSLG643100
PL-28Richard HidalgoSLG636100
PL-29Sammy SosaSLG634100
PL-30Frank ThomasSLG625100
PL-31Moises AlouSLG623100
PL-32Jeff BagwellSLG615100
PL-33Mike PiazzaSLG614100
PL-34Alex RodriguezSLG606100
PL-35Troy GlausSLG604100
PL-36Nomar GarciaparraSLG599100
PL-37Jeff KentSLG596100
PL-38Brian GilesSLG594100
PL-39Geoff JenkinsSLG588100
PL-40Carl EverettSLG587100
PL-41Todd HeltonPI1161100
PL-42Manny RamirezPI1154100
PL-43Carlos DelgadoPI1134100
PL-44Barry BondsPI1128100
PL-45Jason GiambiPI1123100
PL-46Gary SheffieldPI1081100
PL-47Vladimir GuerreroPI1074100
PL-48Frank ThomasPI1061100
PL-49Sammy SosaPI1040100
PL-50Moises AlouPI1039100
PL-51Jeff BagwellPI1039100
PL-52Nomar GarciaparraPI1033100
PL-53Richard HidalgoPI1027100
PL-54Alex RodriguezPI1026100
PL-55Brian GilesPI1026100
PL-56Jeff KentPI1020100
PL-57Mike PiazzaPI1012100
PL-58Troy GlausPI1008100
PL-59Edgar MartinezPI1002100
PL-60Jim EdmondsPI994100
2001 Donruss Production Line

To see what’s currently on eBay from 2001 Donruss Production Line, click here.

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