Strategy and Timing of Buyer Behavior | Ep. 249

Agenda Summary: Buyer Behavior.

Full Agenda:

Buyer Behavior (a.k.a. Consumer Behavior) is a management theory that examines the mental transactions associated with the purchasing habits of individuals and/or groups. It’s an area of social science that analyzes the emotional and behavioral responses that precede, follow, and/or influence acts of consumption.

You might not think it but as a collector, your emotions play an integral roll in your hobby pursuits. Every purchase is made with intent.

For many years, I’ve been implementing what I call Strategic Emotional Latency™. Here’s my definition:

Strategic Emotional Latency™: The act of intentionally delaying an emotional response until some point in the future after the interaction of a stimulus.

In this podcast, I discuss how to employ this strategy as a collector and how it can influence your buying experience. More specifically, I talk about when to care about timing as it relates to buyer behavior. For example:

  1. Should I scrutinize card conditions at card shows?
  2. Do I pass over stuff I’m uncertain I want in bargain bins?
  3. Is the World Series a good time to shop on eBay?

Listen and enjoy as I discuss Buyer Behavior and its influence on us as collectors.

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