1994 SP Holoview Baseball Cards

Mark McGwire 1994 SP Holoview #26

Mark McGwire 1994 SP Holoview #26

The 1994 SP Holoview set was and still is a really great release. While the Blue parallel hosts a hologram and a flat background, the Die-Cut Red parallel has the same hologram but with a refractor like foil background. The discrepancy in the backgrounds is something that I only discovered recently when comparing these McGwire’s. A nice touch indeed. I’ve always liked these cards.


Due to the fact that this was the inaugural MLB year for both Alex Rodriguez and Michael Jordan, this product holds a somewhat premium price tag in comparison to many other products that arrived on the scene in 1994. Player demand aside, let’s have a look at the numbers and see what you’re up against.

At the time of this writing, a box of 1994 SP can be had on eBay for about $500. Each box contains 32 packs. That equates to roughly $15.50 per pack. According to Beckett, odds of pulling a Blue Holoview are 1:5 packs. That means that in order to pull one Blue Holoview, you would have to buy 5 packs of SP, setting you backs $77.50. One the other hand, the odds of pulling the Red Holoview parallel are 1:75. Money required in order to pull a Red = $1162.50! And that’s just with the $15.50 price point, I have seen these packs in hobby stores priced for as much as $25/pack!

Ok, now let’s have an even closer look at what it will require to pull your favorite player. Bear with me here. The SP Holoview set contains 38 cards. That means that in order to pull the Blue parallel of your favorite player, you’re odds are 1:5(36) = 1:180 packs (5.6 boxes) With a price point of $15.50, you would have to spend $2790! And that’s just to pull the Blue Holoview of your favorite player! You think that’s bad, let’s have a look at the Red. In order to pull the Red parallel of your favorite player, assuming the same price point of $15.50, you would have to buy 1:75(36) = 2700 packs! To give you an idea, that’s 84 boxes or 7 cases (case = 12 boxes) Price? $41,850!!! This should give you a different perspective to consider when you come across the Red’s. If you’re in the market for a Red, be prepared to spend some cash because these parallels are quite rare and there’s always a demand for them.

This one’s for you, Dan G!


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