#210: Acuna Tattoo, Loretta, 1948 Leaf, Ohtani Platinum, and Frozen Hamburgers

Agenda summary: Ronald Acuna Jr. tattoo. The significance of Mark Loretta. George Webb hamburger promo. #1 1948 Leaf set listed with HA. Shohei Ohtani 2018 Bowman Platinum 1/1. The condition of 1/1s.

Full Agenda:

Braves fan gets tattoo of Ronald Acuna Jr. after memorable NLDS grand slam.((A Braves fan got a tattoo of Ronald Acuña Jr.’s face after his NLDS grand slam. www.mlb.com))

Mark Loretta is the only player to have played for each of the four remaining 2018 postseason teams: Red Sox, Astros, Dodgers and Brewers.((Can you guess the one player to play for all four teams in the Championship Series? www.mlb.com))

Since the Brewers won against the Dodgers on Friday 10/12, George Webb restaurants offered free hamburgers, which is something they hadn’t done since 1987. One man who got a free burger from the ‘87 promo still has his (which has been notarized for authenticity) and plans to auction it off.((Milwaukee man still clinging to free burger he won in 1987. thetakeout.com))

Heritage Auctions lists the #1 1948 Leaf set on the PSA Registry, which includes the highest graded examples of Robinson, Musial, Williams, and Paige.((Auction Results. www.ha.com))

Shohei Ohtani 2018 Bowman Paper Platinum 1/1 surfaces with $20,000 OBO price tag, which has since been reduced to $14,500 OBO. Click here.

Why it makes no sense to fuss over the condition of a 1/1.

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