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Are your boxes and/or cases factory sealed and unsearched?

Yes! All of our boxes and/or cases are factory sealed and unsearched.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Outside of holidays and Sundays, we aim to ship orders within 24 hours. You can track your order here.

I live in the area, can I come by and pick up my order?

We do not have a retail space so we cannot accept in-person transactions. This helps us keep our overhead costs down, which in turn helps us keep our prices down whereby delivering a higher value to our customers.

What is your return policy?

For Sealed Wax: All sales are final. No returns, refunds, or exchanges are accepted. The only exception is if we make an accidental error with an order.

For Supplies: We aim for 100% quality output in the manufacturing section of our supply chain. If something is of subpar quality, please contact us and we’ll be happy to work something out in your favor. Your satisfaction is our goal!

Becoming a Guest Blogger or Guest on our Show

How can I be a guest on an episode of RadicardsTV?

We’re always looking to feature new guests on our show. We focus on dialogue surrounding sports, sports cards and memorabilia. To be considered to be a guest, please contact us and tell us what you collect and how long you’ve been collecting. If you have a website or social presence, please include those links as well.

How can I be a guest blogger for Radicards?

Please note that we don’t provide financial compensation for guest writers. The owner, however, will make every effort to credit guest writers in other ways i.e., social mentions, video shoutouts, and/or written word. In addition, the guest writer’s name will be listed under the Contributors line on our Credits page.

To be considered to be a guest blogger for Radicards, please review the following and if you’re still interested, please contact us.

  • While not required, writing experience is preferred. We understand that in order to gain experience, one must get it somewhere. If you feel this is for you, please let us know.
  • We encourage you to produce content on your own and that belongs to you. This includes pics, videos, and written word. If you wish to use content generated by someone else, you must provide proof of permission when necessary. Image descriptions must include the following language:
    Image Source: [link to source (must open in new tab)].
  • When uploading images to your blog post, they must be sized to no larger than 620 px wide. This can be done very easily in Photoshop. A simple Google search will reveal plenty of information on how to do this.
  • All content is reviewed before publication.

We’re currently looking for guest bloggers that can cover the following topics:

  • Basketball Cards, Football Cards, Hockey Cards
  • Sports Talk: Articles about athletes, their performance, speculations, history, etc.
  • Hobby News: Articles about news from around the hobby.

Misc. Inquiries

Can you tell me how much my cards are worth?

We do not provide value estimations on single cards or collections. If you’re curious to learn about actual market values, search eBay completed sold listings. For further research, you may also enjoy the Beckett Almanac and the Standard Catalog.

I have some factory sealed cases of sports cards; would you guys be interested in buying them?

Yes! We’re always looking to buy factory sealed cases. While we may not be able to use everything, we’ll look at anything. Please contact us with your list of sealed cases and we’ll make an offer. Payment is made only after product is received and inspected. The seller is responsible for shipping. When shipping, please package carefully to ensure full safety of the items being delivered. *Please note, we only buy factory sealed cases.

I was looking at the Radicards Museum and am interested in some of the cards shown there. Are they for sale or trade?

Unfortunately, No. Nothing on the museum is for sale or trade. Please enjoy looking through it, however. The museum extension was built to showcase the personal collection owned by the creator of Radicards.