#218: Product Catalogs, Price Guides, 1986 Topps Football, and the 612lb Tuna

Agenda summary: 612lb Tuna. Sidney Crosby. Yusei Kikuchi. Product Catalogs and Price Guides. Babe Ruth and Michael Jordan signed item. 1986 Topps Football PSA10 Set.

Full Agenda:

  • Kiyoshi Kimura buys 612lb Tuna for $3.1M.[1]Darren Rovell. twitter.com
  • Sidney Crosby signs stick for chirping fan.[2]Sports Illustrated. twitter.com
  • Yusei Kikuchi signs with Mariners.[3]Get to know Mariners pitcher Yusei Kikuchi. www.mlb.com
  • Product Catalogs – usage and lifespan.
  • Price Guides – when it makes sense to buy current, and when for back issues.
  • PSA authenticates a piece of paper signed by both Babe Ruth and Michael Jordan.[4]PSAcard. twitter.com
  • #1 PSA Set Registry PSA 10 Set of 1986 Topps Football makes its way to eBay Closes with 43 bids at $79,114.35.


1 Darren Rovell. twitter.com
2 Sports Illustrated. twitter.com
3 Get to know Mariners pitcher Yusei Kikuchi. www.mlb.com
4 PSAcard. twitter.com

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