#214: 1996 Select Certified Mirror Gold Auctions, 2018 MLB Awards, and More

Agenda summary: Comerica Park Food Employee. Grading and resale value. Modern low serial numbered cards. Personal v. Actual value. 1996 Select Certified Mirror Gold auctions. 2018 MLB Awards. Ronald Acuna Superfractor auction. Freddy Sandoval. Stan Lee.


Comerica Park Food Employee fired after spitting in food.((Comerica Park Food Service Employee Arrested for Spitting On Pizza [VIDEO]. www.therockstationz93.com))

Grading and resale value: When it matters and when it doesn’t.

Modern low serial numbered cards: Their place in the hobby and why they aren’t significant.

Personal value v. Actual value.

1996 Select Certified Mirror Gold PWCC auction results.

2018 MLB Awards.((MLB awards: Our picks for MVP, Cy Young, Rookie and Manager of the Year. www.usatoday.com))

Ronald Acuna 2018 Topps Chrome Superfractor auction results.

Forgotten Player Profile: Freddy Sandoval. Stats.((Freddy Sandoval. www.baseball-reference.com)) Bio.((Freddy Sandoval. en.wikipedia.org))

Stan Lee passes away at 95. Click here to see his stuff in 2011 Allen and Ginter.

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