A conflict with our advertising software slowed page speeds down considerably. To correct this, content-specific ads at the local level have been replaced with target remarketed ads at the global level.

The site has been upgraded to PHP 7.4.

Content Copy Protection has been implemented at the global level with advanced upgrades on the Museum.

For all content produced from today forward: To comply with search engine guidelines, all affiliate links are now Sponsored links. Currently this property is only supported by Google but others may support it in the future.

Links to the following places have been moved to the footer: Museum, Auctions, Facebook Group & Associated Terms.

All of our Privacy Policy pages have been consolidated into one. All of our Terms of Service pages have been consolidated into one.

Our Research category features Google Charts, which aren’t responsive. After installing some new technology, they’re now responsive.

To avoid confusion, the separate Contact Us page on the Store has been removed and now redirects to the main Contact Us page here on the Blog arm.

Auction House launch date.

The site has been upgraded to PHP 7.2.

The layout of the carousel in the footer when viewed on a mobile device has been fixed.

The link structure of header content has been optimized and/or corrected. Due to minimal use, the pink Feedback button that hovered along the right side of the site has been removed.

Registration for our mark was granted by the USPTO. All instances of ™ have been changed to ®.

There was a conflict with our caching software that prevented three things from working: Menu Callout, Slider, and YouTube embed in the footer. These issues have been fixed.

This page has been added to keep track of ongoing administrative changes to the site. In an effort to support brand alignment, the category, “Vlogs” has been renamed back to “TV” and all article links in YouTube descriptions have been updated.