1943 M.P. & Co. R302-1 Baseball Cards

Hank Greenberg 1943 M.P. and Co. (R302-1) #12

Hank Greenberg 1943 M.P. and Co. (R302-1) #12

Here’s an issue you don’t see too often. This is a 1943 M.P. and Co. I only discovered this example in fall of 2010. A fine specimen and piece of history manufactured during the second World War. It floors me to know that this piece survived, a Hall of Famer nonetheless! The dimensions of these cards closely compare in size of those in the 1948 Bowman set. I love that these cards were released as strips in candy stores in 1943. I wonder how many steel pennies it cost to get a strip in those days? The patrons who were fortunate enough to snag a few of these strips would cut along the edges to distinguish individual cards. Not bad cuts for the time. This example actually looks as if it was made that way.

Collector’s note: These cards are incredibly rare. If you don’t want to lose a limb in trade for these cards, my best advice is to keep a keen eye out at shows and swap meets.


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