2001 Pacific Cramer’s Choice Baseball Variation Guide

2001 Pacific Cramer's Choice

This 2001 Pacific Cramer’s Choice run took me several years to complete. Strangely enough, I picked these up from rarest to most common. Each of these cards is made of a different material and carries a different degree of scarcity. Although insertion odds aren’t stated for the Canvas and Styrene, the base version was inserted at 1:721, which make these cards extraordinarily tough to find in any version. Here’s what’s shown:

Base (left): This card is printed on standard cardboard stock. It’s supposed to be the easiest to track down but it was the last one I needed to complete this somewhat ambitious rainbow.

Canvas (middle): This card is printed on condition sensitive canvas stock. Its aesthetic possesses a textured finish, which is a nice touch. This stock was also used by Donruss on its rare Diamond Kings Canvas parallels from 1997 and 1998.

Styrene (right): This card is printed on plastic and has a smooth glossy finish. I see fewer of these than the other two.

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