1997 Score Baseball Stand & Deliver Variation Guide

1997 Score Stand & Deliver

1997 Score Baseball left out a lot of information and much of the product variations are missing from key price guides. The 1997 Score Stand & Deliver insert set is one of the greater mysteries of that year. Here we have the three versions of this card:

  • Silver with gold letters: This is the base version. It’s the most common and the only one that was pack inserted among the three.

This is a 24-card set with 20 cards featuring 4 players from each of the following teams thought most likely to win the World Series: Braves, Dodgers, Indians, Mariners, and Yankees. The remaining 4 cards are Wild Cards. Collectors who compiled either all four of the cards from the World Series winning team, or all four Wild Cards could redeem them to Pinnacle for a complete Gold parallel set.

Since the Miami (Florida at the time) Marlins won the World Series that year and weren’t included in this set, collectors could only complete a redemption by compiling the four Wild Cards. Collectors who compiled all four Wild Cards could send them to Pinnacle to redeem a set of silver-letter Gold parallels. It’s believed that the first 25 people to redeem the four Wild Cards got a set of the elusive red-letter Gold parallels. Each redeemed set came in a frame.

  • Gold with silver letters: It’s believed that the print run is 225-250. Due to the way these were released, they are difficult but not impossible to find.
  • Gold with red letters: It’s believer that the print run is 25. Due to the way these were released, they are nearly impossible to find.

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