Pat Sheridan 1989 Upper Deck Baseball #652 Variation Comparison

Pat Sheridan 1989 Upper Deck #652AHere’s another one from Upper Deck’s inaugural release. This is the Pat Sheridan 1989 Upper Deck #652A and features an error on the position logo located on the top right corner of the front of the card. You’ll notice that the position logo on the card on the right is 95% missing. This little mishap drives the value of this version of the card up by a factor of 60. What this means is that the error is worth 60x that of the corrected version. Whether or not this was an intentional error or not is up for grabs but my hunch says that it was an honest mistake. Whatever the case, it’s easy to miss if you don’t know what you’re looking at. See picture on the right for a closer look at what ‘NPO’ (or, No Position On) entails exactly.

Pat Sheridan 1989 Upper Deck #652AIf you’re sitting on a bunch of ’89 Upper Deck commons from back in the day when you busted boxes of this stuff in search of Gregg Jefferies or Ken Griffey Jr. rookie cards, you may want to dig through and see if you have one of these. If that’s not worth your time (and I don’t blame you if it isn’t), I’d say grab one of these off eBay and call it a day. These guys can generally be had for relatively affordable prices.

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