Bob Bruce 1967 Topps Baseball #417 Variation Comparison

Bob Bruce 1967 Topps #417Vintage sets are littered with errors and variations. The 1967 Topps set is no exception. While there are quite a few UER's (uncorrected errors), this set hosts 10 error variations for which corrected variations exist. Here is the Bob Bruce 1967 Topps #417. Depicted here are its two known variations. The error and corrected version are easy to miss if you don't know what for which to look.

Bob Bruce 1967 Topps #417

Bob Bruce 1967 Topps #417To note the error, review the back of the card. The error is subtle but if you look closely at the player's team, you'll notice a spelling error. The correct version provides correct spelling of the word 'BRAVES,' while the error version misspells this word 'RBAVES.' According to Beckett, the error is valued at $30 while the correct version is worth just $4. Keep an eye out for this card, it's easy to miss.

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